Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paper Product Sales

Many a people without job get into new business just by sitting at home. One of the best business to start earning is the paper product sales because it does not need much investment.

Ban on plastic covers and bags have forced many developing nations to look for alternative. Plastic products had been extensively used for daily use and these countries were fully dependent on the plastic at one time

Now-a-days there are many alternatives to plastic bags. Beautifully designed paper bags have entered the market. Paper bags of various types are utilized in the vegetable markets. Some of the world’s top branded companies have also accepted the paper bags as the alternative. But how is the paper product like the bags manufactured? How tough is the job of manufacturing the bags? How can this become a good self employment opportunity for the middle class and poor people in the world?

For example, in India, a woman by name Veena Keshav Murthy started hand made paper product manufacturing unit. It was called Ranjana Paper Products. She has established a training center to encourage self-employment at J P Nagar, 2nd stage, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. She has been doing this job freely to help poor people and upgrade their life.

Shopping bags, fancy bags, gift bags of different designs are manufactured. Jewelry box, gift box, photo frame, folder file, lamp shades, pen stand are manufactured and sold. It is one of the best self-employment ideas which can be started with very less investment. How to manufacture a paper product?

Paper product is made out of Eco-friendly material. It does not possess any harmful chemicals in it. Not only paper but also using the coconut fiber, waste clothes, jute, waste paper and cotton material. It is possible to manufacture the boxes and bags. The raw materials are filled in a huge trough. Water is poured and mixed up well to form a mixture or pulp for further use. The mixture is spread and dried in the sunlight. Layers are formed as they dry. The same dry material is utilized to manufacture paper products.  

Good market for hand made products  

Most of the people know the problem and environmental damage caused by plastics. But still they continue using plastics. It is good to use bio-degradable plastics in such cases. Hand made products like paper bags have a good market. They can be sold to wholesalers who in turn sell these products to shop keepers. Participation in exhibitions can also be a great way to market and sell the products. Demand is such that many a times it is not possible to meet the needs of shop keepers.

Origami of Japan has been popular to display great paper designs. The left over big papers can be used for origami. Beautiful paper designs are created without using scissors or gum

Women in some parts of India help the poor by training them to manufacture paper products at home.
Once they sell it, there will be demand for more. Poor people consider this as a best business because it can be done in their own houses without much difficulty. It is a best new business to start for those who are illiterates and for those who are in need of  a second source of income.

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