Sunday, June 24, 2012

Best Internet based jobs and business

Money decides everything. So everyone will be thinking of new ways to make money.  Some people need jobs just to earn their daily bread.  But some others try to earn money in many ways and thus increase their income. They do not bother about the nature of work.  Only earning money is their main objective. A good internet based job or business can bring good returns.


Sometimes it is difficult to get a job in the field that we have a degree or a certificate.  So it is better to think of earning through the internet based jobs or starting a business online.


1.    E-books and software sales: 

   Selling E-books and software through internet is a good job to earn more money.


2.    To provide information on marketing: 

    There are enough people who are very eager to learn about marketing.  Without proper guidance many of us run into loss after starting a business.  There is much need to provide business counseling to such freshers.  Through owned websites one can publish self written articles and earn quick money.


3.  E-mail and Telemarketing:

     In this type of job, customers are contacted through e-mail or telephone.  Daily usage items are provided at the door step of the customers.  Most of the people have internet facility in their cell phones.  This helps a lot to access email easily and stay in touch with the service providers.


4.   Online Survey: 

   There is a huge requirement for market researchers.  Companies try to study about some products from time to time and their customers’ reaction on it.  Researches who do the job get a handsome amount of money


5.     Editors and Proof readers:  

   Cyber, Printing media require editing and proof reading people such jobs are easily for people who have good command over language.


6. Translators: 

  Many newspaper related websites outsource lot of work to freelancers. People consider translation as one of the best and attractive jobs. Everyday lot of newspaper websites look for translating their topics from one language to another. Just contact and get a chance to work as freelancer for them.


7. Become an affiliate:
 To become an affiliate in some websites can turn out to be a very profitable business if you have your own website. It is a good online business to start if the website is also of the same niche.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

How to Learn and Earn Quick Money as a Graphic Designer?

Do you have an artistic talent? Creative thinking? Hard working and quick learning capability?

Then you can make money with Graphic designing. There are a very good job opportunities for designers. It may be Presentation, Advertisements on Magazines, Newspapers, Logo creation for reputed companies, Brochures, Leaflets, illustration work etc., the quality work is always encouraged by ad agencies. People who have a passion for creative designs consider this as a best job to make money.

To be a graphic designer one needs no great qualification. Only interest and knowledge about graphic design is enough to make a good earning through it. Who doesn’t have an interest in clicking one’s photograph?  A picnic, tour or cultural programme, marriage ceremony or in any other celebration people want to pose for a photograph.  After having taken the photograph, they want to get it framed.  It shows their liking towards it.  

A photographer clicks precious moments of many people through his camera.  The image is enhanced by the graphic designers and brings it to life by changing the colors and background.  Those who are good in Photoshop software can make a living and profession with their creativity.  After knowing the skill involved in working with Photoshop they can start Photoshop labs.  To start a photo editing service one has to know the digital image editing and the art of enhancing a given photograph or image. 

One who is known as a ‘Photo Doctor’ must be well versed in the art of including good features and removing the unnecessary ones.  He brings liveliness in the image.  He should know to give brightness and reduce darkness in the image he works.  He should also know to change the color and increase the size of the image.  By doing this he will be able to give life to the precious moments captured by the camera.  All this needs good quality work and interest in the subject.  

It so happens that some valuable photos fade or spoil due to bad weather.  There are many people who come with such photograph, to improve.  A person who learns Photoshop software need not be having a lab.  He may also be teaching Photoshop to others.  There are many people who are interested in learning Photoshop. While teaching Photoshop software they can also give information on video editing.  They can also start their own website and write about it online.  They can also earn by creating ads.  

They can give service for people who are in need of photo restoration.  Sometimes incidental photos are needed by printing media and newspapers.  They can provide service for both Photography and Photoshop.  They can also work on the self clicked images and print them.  They can also work as graphic designer.  If given chance they also create albums of occasions of marriage or certain social or religious programmes.  They can get involved in Website design, digital image editing, pamphlets, printed catalogs and design for cover page.  Greeting cards, bill boards, CD writing, cinema posters and designs for online advertising are some of the other earning jobs.  Thus a graphic designer has demand and opportunities.

Learn during Leisure 

There is no such necessity of joining a course to learn Photoshop software.  Self involvement and interest in subject are enough for learning.  There is enough information on the internet related to this software. 

They can play with this software during leisure, at home.  Creative designs can be made.   Images with faded color and bad background can be transformed into wonderful images. An album involving hundred photos can be done in three hours if a person learns the art of photo editing.  This can be either full time profession or side business. 


Graphic designers become successful Web designers   


We now enter the next step in designing. As the creativity rises and performance level is at peak, experience is also gained at the same time. Ideas start rushing into the mind. Here comes the actual time when we think of next level of creative design. And Web design can be the best option to adopt. A few people around us already have ventured into this field and are highly successful in their job. They make good money in this particular profession.


To view this magnificent portfolio:

You can have look at this magnificient creative designer from Mangalore who is young and talented. One of his blog sites is Ning and visitors of this site are tempted to be members because lot of creativity is showcased there. The owner of this site is Ashok Puttur, Karnataka, India. Within a span of one month, the no. of members registered reached the magic no.100.

Just follow this link to reach his designer world -

You will be stunned to see the extraordinary designs and best jobs displayed there. Worth watching once. Of course creativity has no limits.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to Make Quick Money as a Mehndi Design Expert?

Earn Passive Income as a Mehndi Artist

Mehndi design on hands

If you are good at hand drawing you can also become a good mehndi artist. It is one of the best part time jobs for people with good creativity. A mehndi design expert uses henna in a cone to get beautiful designs on hand. Women in South asia and Arabic countries often approach mehndi artists for occasions like marriage, birthday parties, festivals, house warming ceremony, etc.

A good quality cone used by a mehndi artist produces magnificent designs that last for a long time. In India, it has become a good earning profession and men/women both are equally involved in this profession. Malls and corners of the street have at least on mehndi artist in big cities.

Rich people who attend parties and other programmes every now and then, need the help of these artists. They stand out in the group with henna designs on their hand and feet. Read below the detailed story and a money making idea.

How to Make Quick Money as a Mehndi Design Expert? 


Creating attractive designs on hand as a Mehndi artist

If you have a passion for creating beautiful mehndi design on hands, then it is easy to make quick money. If you have a craze to create artistic design on hands using mehndi cones, it is better to try with your friends and relatives first. Then try at marriage and other ceremonies until you are confident enough and happy to continue it as an expert.

As a profession, you can teach mehndi designs as a small course. People having creativity can learn it very fast. It will be supportive to make a good passive income.

You may be a beautician or not, but when there is enough creativity and talent, it should be possible to become a mehndi design expert. It will be a useful part time job but one has to bear in mind certain points before starting or continuing as a good mehndi artist. The part time job should also make you happy as you earn.

It is more popular in north India and has grown on to be a good profession. Now-a-days even south Indians have shown interest in the art. As a result the mehndi artists are seen everywhere. Not only in grand ceremonies and celebrations, but also during festivals, the number of people who want to get designs on their hands and feet are too many. The numbers of artists have also risen, as per requirement.

Mehndi art classes

It is good to join mehndi classes even though you are good at it. This provides good support to become a professional. If there isn’t any time, then online courses are at your help to train you in this profession. There are more than 100 websites teaching this course. For practical learning, experienced beauticians are very helpful. At least one week of practical classes are necessary to gain a bit of experience from them. But 15 days or one month training will be helpful for the future. According to the interest shown by a learner, the time frame is decided by the beautician. Expert beauticians are able to teach new trendy designs.

Creative people have good scope

Men or women who are very creative have a good scope. By producing new patters, young artists have ample space for growth and opportunities galore. It is good to be in touch with the outside world for this purpose. A good communication with the event manager who organizes at the ceremony will be able to provide an opportunity for the mehndi artist. Public places are good enough to get publicity. Friends and relatives can provide ample opportunity. An artist should be able to encash this opportunity and grow. Communication is most important to get more and more chance to show the talent.

For up coming mehndi artists here are some useful points
1. It is necessary to have good knowledge of trendy designs.
2. Good quality mehndi cones have to be used for good results.
3. It is important to develop a good impression from the people who contact you for the art work done for them.
4. Praise for the good work may also provide good opportunities.

Good to have knowledge of Trendy Designs

 Designs such as tattoo style, bridal, Arabic, simple and Pakistani are now becoming very popular as trendy designs. Artists should have good knowledge of trendy design. To get ideas of new designs it is important to go through a few women’s magazines that show up different mehndi designs, every now and then. It is a good development that the mehndi art profession is becoming fast popular. Beauticians who are good at mehndi art can earn a double income and get a chance to go to the rich politicians and businessmen’s houses. The rich women at their houses will always be in need of the mehndi artists. So, this job always has a great demand.

Mehndi Artsit Shops

Creative artists have put up shops in huge malls. If you find that the artist at the mall is charging more for the design work, then artists who are at the corner of the street can do the same for a lesser pay. There are artists coming up at every street now-a-days. A design on hand costs between $1-2 (Rs.50/-\to 100/-) or sometimes they may charge depending on the design chosen. Almost all big malls in India have mehndi artists in them.  

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