Thursday, August 16, 2012

Modeling as part time job to Make Money

Today’s younger generation looks for a profession to be busy and again for another job to gain name, fame and make money.  Here is an insight into the world of part time modeling job where stylish people can make good money. Modern generation youth consider this as one of the best part time jobs.

Whatever is the profession, the main target is making money.  There is no hard and fast rule or any rules and regulation in the modeling field.  There is lot of scope in modeling as of today.  But one should have a good knowledge and time sense to utilize it whenever they need.  There should be mental readiness and boldness to get adjusted to the fashion world. 

Love your modeling profession:

Those who want to enter the world of modeling should have a good knowledge of fashion designing.  Reading such books gives an insight into the latest trends and the in-depth knowledge of the field. A skill in communication is a plus point for those who join.  Any graduate or degree is acceptable for this particular filed. It is not a problem at all any time. But an experience in participation of public gatherings and programs, along with a photogenic face is good for becoming a top model.

Before joining or accepting modeling as a part time profession:
  1. Think whether it is possible to go for modeling in between other works or job
  2. Co-operation of family members is necessary
  3. Creative and active mind is very much needed
  4. Boldness to perform amidst hundreds of people
  5. Good knowledge of the communication language
  6. Should know the latest treads
  7. Knowledge of time management is essential.
Whoever wants to join modeling should love their profession. Many artists from other fields accept modeling as a part time profession.  They are successful and make good money in this field.

Opportunities for good modelers:

There is good opportunity for those who are students and still learning.Working men and women can also accept this as a part time job. Modeling assignment is available for a day or may be for a few hours. Fashion and modeling coordinators are present in metropolitan cities. Models have to just register with them to get assignments from time to time. Or the Event managers may be contacted and given information to get a chance to perform.

Necessity of Photoshoot:

According to Indian fashion guru, Rajesh meniz, selecting the best fashionists and to join them in their team is like a test. Once they pass this test, their training starts. There is a bit of investment for fashionists, initially. It is for their make up and photoshoot. It is a necessity. In the beginning a fashionist has to shine on the local ramps. Then he/she gets a chance to perform in bigger fashion projects. They get a respectable amount for their performance. If they get clicked locally, it is guaranteed that offers will rain on these fashionists.

Men as Modelers

A Height more than six feet, strong and muscular body, serious nature with a straight vision. All these are necessary to step into men’s fashion. The ads on fashion have always attracted men. If women’s modeling needs slim, tall body with a stylish cat walk, when it comes to men it is totally different.

Men’s fashion

Most of the metropolitan cities are famous for fashion. Everyday fashion shows take place in Mumbai, Paris and many other big cities. There will be equal number of men participating in a show where women will be participating.  There will be ample chance for a fresher to participate every time. Latest designs in men’s wear, new trends and much more. Various types of products get launched every now and then.  High profile parties take place.  Ramp walk is common all the time.  New fashion takes birth at these places.  Latest hair style, belts, pants, shirts, T-shirts, underwear……the men are ready to show more everyday, as the hunger for new trend increases.

What’s the input for men who choose their career in modeling?

  1. Strong, tall and a beautiful body built along with a good personality is more than enough.

  1. Create a digital portfolio through a professional photographer.

  1. Contact the modeling coordinators and show them the portfolio.  If possible keep a direct touch with the Event management staff and Fashion designers.

  1. Be patient till the modeling world accepts you. Participate in small fashion shows every now and then. It is the best way to show the talent. 

  1. Will power, patience, confidence and hard work, along with a great portfolio can take anyone to the top.

 Show the talent in modeling:

  1. Let the Event managers know about your new looks. 

  1. Every time you take up a new project approach it with a new look and style.  For e.g. a men hairstyle, dress, a new pair of shoes, the speaking style etc.

  1. While speaking with the high profile people always remember to behave well and speak softly with them. Be very patient to hear their words. 

  1. Never interfere in others talks. 

  1. Work hard to attract people towards you.

How safe is the modeling world?

  1. In India and many other Islamic nations, people do not like women to participate as models in fashion show.  So men always grab the chance.  But they face stiff competition all the time.

  1. For every small chance to participate, men have to roam around looking for opportunity. Rich and influential men or those who have god fathers can reach the top spots easily.

  1. After becoming a model most of them do not want to step out. Until beauty and youth exists within the body, fashion world always gives them a warm welcome.  But once the face turns pale and becomes slightly old. Or as the skin loses its glow and wrinkles start appearing, men or women get a lesser chance to walk on the ramp and they have to look into some other field for earning money.

  1. Lot of men lose money due to alcoholics, drugs and women.

  1. Many of them spend money for taking up new projects. 

These are the reasons for hiccups in earning more money and are known as the negatives in the modeling world.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paper Product Sales

Many a people without job get into new business just by sitting at home. One of the best business to start earning is the paper product sales because it does not need much investment.

Ban on plastic covers and bags have forced many developing nations to look for alternative. Plastic products had been extensively used for daily use and these countries were fully dependent on the plastic at one time

Now-a-days there are many alternatives to plastic bags. Beautifully designed paper bags have entered the market. Paper bags of various types are utilized in the vegetable markets. Some of the world’s top branded companies have also accepted the paper bags as the alternative. But how is the paper product like the bags manufactured? How tough is the job of manufacturing the bags? How can this become a good self employment opportunity for the middle class and poor people in the world?

For example, in India, a woman by name Veena Keshav Murthy started hand made paper product manufacturing unit. It was called Ranjana Paper Products. She has established a training center to encourage self-employment at J P Nagar, 2nd stage, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. She has been doing this job freely to help poor people and upgrade their life.

Shopping bags, fancy bags, gift bags of different designs are manufactured. Jewelry box, gift box, photo frame, folder file, lamp shades, pen stand are manufactured and sold. It is one of the best self-employment ideas which can be started with very less investment. How to manufacture a paper product?

Paper product is made out of Eco-friendly material. It does not possess any harmful chemicals in it. Not only paper but also using the coconut fiber, waste clothes, jute, waste paper and cotton material. It is possible to manufacture the boxes and bags. The raw materials are filled in a huge trough. Water is poured and mixed up well to form a mixture or pulp for further use. The mixture is spread and dried in the sunlight. Layers are formed as they dry. The same dry material is utilized to manufacture paper products.  

Good market for hand made products  

Most of the people know the problem and environmental damage caused by plastics. But still they continue using plastics. It is good to use bio-degradable plastics in such cases. Hand made products like paper bags have a good market. They can be sold to wholesalers who in turn sell these products to shop keepers. Participation in exhibitions can also be a great way to market and sell the products. Demand is such that many a times it is not possible to meet the needs of shop keepers.

Origami of Japan has been popular to display great paper designs. The left over big papers can be used for origami. Beautiful paper designs are created without using scissors or gum

Women in some parts of India help the poor by training them to manufacture paper products at home.
Once they sell it, there will be demand for more. Poor people consider this as a best business because it can be done in their own houses without much difficulty. It is a best new business to start for those who are illiterates and for those who are in need of  a second source of income.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Best Internet based jobs and business

Money decides everything. So everyone will be thinking of new ways to make money.  Some people need jobs just to earn their daily bread.  But some others try to earn money in many ways and thus increase their income. They do not bother about the nature of work.  Only earning money is their main objective. A good internet based job or business can bring good returns.


Sometimes it is difficult to get a job in the field that we have a degree or a certificate.  So it is better to think of earning through the internet based jobs or starting a business online.


1.    E-books and software sales: 

   Selling E-books and software through internet is a good job to earn more money.


2.    To provide information on marketing: 

    There are enough people who are very eager to learn about marketing.  Without proper guidance many of us run into loss after starting a business.  There is much need to provide business counseling to such freshers.  Through owned websites one can publish self written articles and earn quick money.


3.  E-mail and Telemarketing:

     In this type of job, customers are contacted through e-mail or telephone.  Daily usage items are provided at the door step of the customers.  Most of the people have internet facility in their cell phones.  This helps a lot to access email easily and stay in touch with the service providers.


4.   Online Survey: 

   There is a huge requirement for market researchers.  Companies try to study about some products from time to time and their customers’ reaction on it.  Researches who do the job get a handsome amount of money


5.     Editors and Proof readers:  

   Cyber, Printing media require editing and proof reading people such jobs are easily for people who have good command over language.


6. Translators: 

  Many newspaper related websites outsource lot of work to freelancers. People consider translation as one of the best and attractive jobs. Everyday lot of newspaper websites look for translating their topics from one language to another. Just contact and get a chance to work as freelancer for them.


7. Become an affiliate:
 To become an affiliate in some websites can turn out to be a very profitable business if you have your own website. It is a good online business to start if the website is also of the same niche.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

How to Learn and Earn Quick Money as a Graphic Designer?

Do you have an artistic talent? Creative thinking? Hard working and quick learning capability?

Then you can make money with Graphic designing. There are a very good job opportunities for designers. It may be Presentation, Advertisements on Magazines, Newspapers, Logo creation for reputed companies, Brochures, Leaflets, illustration work etc., the quality work is always encouraged by ad agencies. People who have a passion for creative designs consider this as a best job to make money.

To be a graphic designer one needs no great qualification. Only interest and knowledge about graphic design is enough to make a good earning through it. Who doesn’t have an interest in clicking one’s photograph?  A picnic, tour or cultural programme, marriage ceremony or in any other celebration people want to pose for a photograph.  After having taken the photograph, they want to get it framed.  It shows their liking towards it.  

A photographer clicks precious moments of many people through his camera.  The image is enhanced by the graphic designers and brings it to life by changing the colors and background.  Those who are good in Photoshop software can make a living and profession with their creativity.  After knowing the skill involved in working with Photoshop they can start Photoshop labs.  To start a photo editing service one has to know the digital image editing and the art of enhancing a given photograph or image. 

One who is known as a ‘Photo Doctor’ must be well versed in the art of including good features and removing the unnecessary ones.  He brings liveliness in the image.  He should know to give brightness and reduce darkness in the image he works.  He should also know to change the color and increase the size of the image.  By doing this he will be able to give life to the precious moments captured by the camera.  All this needs good quality work and interest in the subject.  

It so happens that some valuable photos fade or spoil due to bad weather.  There are many people who come with such photograph, to improve.  A person who learns Photoshop software need not be having a lab.  He may also be teaching Photoshop to others.  There are many people who are interested in learning Photoshop. While teaching Photoshop software they can also give information on video editing.  They can also start their own website and write about it online.  They can also earn by creating ads.  

They can give service for people who are in need of photo restoration.  Sometimes incidental photos are needed by printing media and newspapers.  They can provide service for both Photography and Photoshop.  They can also work on the self clicked images and print them.  They can also work as graphic designer.  If given chance they also create albums of occasions of marriage or certain social or religious programmes.  They can get involved in Website design, digital image editing, pamphlets, printed catalogs and design for cover page.  Greeting cards, bill boards, CD writing, cinema posters and designs for online advertising are some of the other earning jobs.  Thus a graphic designer has demand and opportunities.

Learn during Leisure 

There is no such necessity of joining a course to learn Photoshop software.  Self involvement and interest in subject are enough for learning.  There is enough information on the internet related to this software. 

They can play with this software during leisure, at home.  Creative designs can be made.   Images with faded color and bad background can be transformed into wonderful images. An album involving hundred photos can be done in three hours if a person learns the art of photo editing.  This can be either full time profession or side business. 


Graphic designers become successful Web designers   


We now enter the next step in designing. As the creativity rises and performance level is at peak, experience is also gained at the same time. Ideas start rushing into the mind. Here comes the actual time when we think of next level of creative design. And Web design can be the best option to adopt. A few people around us already have ventured into this field and are highly successful in their job. They make good money in this particular profession.


To view this magnificent portfolio:

You can have look at this magnificient creative designer from Mangalore who is young and talented. One of his blog sites is Ning and visitors of this site are tempted to be members because lot of creativity is showcased there. The owner of this site is Ashok Puttur, Karnataka, India. Within a span of one month, the no. of members registered reached the magic no.100.

Just follow this link to reach his designer world -

You will be stunned to see the extraordinary designs and best jobs displayed there. Worth watching once. Of course creativity has no limits.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to Make Quick Money as a Mehndi Design Expert?

Earn Passive Income as a Mehndi Artist

Mehndi design on hands

If you are good at hand drawing you can also become a good mehndi artist. It is one of the best part time jobs for people with good creativity. A mehndi design expert uses henna in a cone to get beautiful designs on hand. Women in South asia and Arabic countries often approach mehndi artists for occasions like marriage, birthday parties, festivals, house warming ceremony, etc.

A good quality cone used by a mehndi artist produces magnificent designs that last for a long time. In India, it has become a good earning profession and men/women both are equally involved in this profession. Malls and corners of the street have at least on mehndi artist in big cities.

Rich people who attend parties and other programmes every now and then, need the help of these artists. They stand out in the group with henna designs on their hand and feet. Read below the detailed story and a money making idea.

How to Make Quick Money as a Mehndi Design Expert? 


Creating attractive designs on hand as a Mehndi artist

If you have a passion for creating beautiful mehndi design on hands, then it is easy to make quick money. If you have a craze to create artistic design on hands using mehndi cones, it is better to try with your friends and relatives first. Then try at marriage and other ceremonies until you are confident enough and happy to continue it as an expert.

As a profession, you can teach mehndi designs as a small course. People having creativity can learn it very fast. It will be supportive to make a good passive income.

You may be a beautician or not, but when there is enough creativity and talent, it should be possible to become a mehndi design expert. It will be a useful part time job but one has to bear in mind certain points before starting or continuing as a good mehndi artist. The part time job should also make you happy as you earn.

It is more popular in north India and has grown on to be a good profession. Now-a-days even south Indians have shown interest in the art. As a result the mehndi artists are seen everywhere. Not only in grand ceremonies and celebrations, but also during festivals, the number of people who want to get designs on their hands and feet are too many. The numbers of artists have also risen, as per requirement.

Mehndi art classes

It is good to join mehndi classes even though you are good at it. This provides good support to become a professional. If there isn’t any time, then online courses are at your help to train you in this profession. There are more than 100 websites teaching this course. For practical learning, experienced beauticians are very helpful. At least one week of practical classes are necessary to gain a bit of experience from them. But 15 days or one month training will be helpful for the future. According to the interest shown by a learner, the time frame is decided by the beautician. Expert beauticians are able to teach new trendy designs.

Creative people have good scope

Men or women who are very creative have a good scope. By producing new patters, young artists have ample space for growth and opportunities galore. It is good to be in touch with the outside world for this purpose. A good communication with the event manager who organizes at the ceremony will be able to provide an opportunity for the mehndi artist. Public places are good enough to get publicity. Friends and relatives can provide ample opportunity. An artist should be able to encash this opportunity and grow. Communication is most important to get more and more chance to show the talent.

For up coming mehndi artists here are some useful points
1. It is necessary to have good knowledge of trendy designs.
2. Good quality mehndi cones have to be used for good results.
3. It is important to develop a good impression from the people who contact you for the art work done for them.
4. Praise for the good work may also provide good opportunities.

Good to have knowledge of Trendy Designs

 Designs such as tattoo style, bridal, Arabic, simple and Pakistani are now becoming very popular as trendy designs. Artists should have good knowledge of trendy design. To get ideas of new designs it is important to go through a few women’s magazines that show up different mehndi designs, every now and then. It is a good development that the mehndi art profession is becoming fast popular. Beauticians who are good at mehndi art can earn a double income and get a chance to go to the rich politicians and businessmen’s houses. The rich women at their houses will always be in need of the mehndi artists. So, this job always has a great demand.

Mehndi Artsit Shops

Creative artists have put up shops in huge malls. If you find that the artist at the mall is charging more for the design work, then artists who are at the corner of the street can do the same for a lesser pay. There are artists coming up at every street now-a-days. A design on hand costs between $1-2 (Rs.50/-\to 100/-) or sometimes they may charge depending on the design chosen. Almost all big malls in India have mehndi artists in them.  

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Make Good Business creating Websites with Easy to Use Web design Software?

A website is designed just to showcase a person’s portfolio, company profile or business etc.  It reflects the capability of the company, person or product. For web designers it is good business to start by using the easy website creator softwares. There is always a huge demand for websites online and need for designers and their maintenance. 


Recently, new softwares have been introduced to create websites with ease. Even a person without a knowledge of web designing can create new websites with ease.  There are softwares such as Web Studio 5, Web Plus and Web Easy Professional which are very helpful to new learners of Web design. 


There are a lot of options for creating menu, buttons, links etc. which are readily available in the software.  They have readily available templates like those of sample templates which can be used initially. Only a little creative idea is necessary to develop websites. Hard work always pays good dividends. A little effort day by day would bring about great interest to learn more of Web designing. You can also use the tips and tricks readily available online. Websites like W3schools are just meant for teaching new web designers. They have every details to satisfy and lead a learner who is very much interested in the profession. 


A one time investment for buying good software may be helpful to earn huge amounts of money, later in life. Even women can earn from home. It is like earning a passive income to support ones spouse or the family. 


Use lot of free templates and learn by using them initially. Even the just passed out students from high school and college are able to develop websites in very less time. It is a good business to start for beginners and freshers with very less investment.


There are websites such as which provide templates online. If payment is made, it just provides all the nuts and bolts needed to create a website online.


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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Earn more money by donating Blood and Plasma

The liquid part of blood which is yellowish in color is called Plasma. Contains water and various proteins. Plasma helps to carry important substances throughout a human body, including that of hormones and vitamins. Blood plasma has Red blood cells (RBC), White blood cells (WBC), and platelets in it so that they can circulate. It is extracted from blood by a process known as plasmapheresis. During the process a machine spins the collected product to separate the liquid from the blood cells.

Plasma is used to help people who experience coagulation problems and hemophiliacs as it assists with blood clotting. Plasma products also help burn victims. Human blood plasma has nearly 500 different types of protein. Out of them, 150 types are mostly used in a laboratory setting for diagnosing disease and manufacturing therapies. The function of many of them is still unknown, and many of them are available in very small quantities.

The plasma has many uses in medical field. It is very valuable in medical research. It is used to treat diseases which attack human immune system.

It may take 2 hours for donation work to complete, and the person who donates is being compensated for the time spent and plasma provided for a useful purpose.

Blood banks in India follow the drugs and cosmetics licensing rules. As per the rules, 500ml of plasma once every two weeks or not more than 1000ml per month  A person willing to donate has to get a plasma protein estimation after the initial aphaeresis/ donation. It should be a reference for subsequent estimations and provide a reference for frequency of plasma donations.

In the United States, Urban areas have plasma donation centres.There are people who sell blood for $260 a month. People may have to consult a phone book, ask their friends and colleagues if they have used a particular plasma donation facility. Appointments are not very much necessary, though it may take a lot of time for the first visit. 

Indians have made progress towards the target of achieving voluntary, 100% safe and unpaid blood donation but has been unable to control the practice of paid donors. A new survey conducted by WHO, was made public on World Blood Donor Day. According to the survey, 52.42% of all blood donated in India was through voluntary blood donation camps. It is good to know that the figure had reached 45% in 2002. 

Forms have to be filled up for the donation purpose. Medical history and sexual habits are asked in these forms. They also describe the policies and procedures for the collection facility, including the safety components. A physical examination is made sometimes. After the initial screening is completed, the normal plasma donation process starts and a measurement of weight and a quick blood test is made. The blood sample tested will be used to confirm whether the blood is chemically fit for that particular day’s donation.

A number of questions might be asked about the daily habits and well-being since the last visit. An ultraviolet light and special dye will be used to mark the finger and ensure that blood donation is not done at other facilities. Mini-screening process takes only 10 minutes. After the mini-screening is done, a glass of water will be given and then led into the plasmapheresis room. The bathroom should be used if necessary, before getting connected to the machine as it is impossible to stop midstream during the process. 
At the plasmapheresis room, donor will be made to lie on a reclining chair and wait. The staff member then preps the arm, opens the sterile collection supplies, and sticks a needle to start the blood draw.

After 45-100 minutes, and as per requirement of the number of cycles needed, the total amount of time will depend on the blood flow. After plasma collection container gets filled up, the machine is disconnected and water is given after a gauze for arm is given. The payment is done in cash later. 

The payout for a container of plasma averages from $20 to $30, depending on the individual center. Some facilities have their own incentive plans. For two donations in a week, some facilities may pay $20 for the first trip and $30 for the next trip instead of $25 each time.

There are three types in blood donation:
1.     Whole blood donation
2.     Plasma donation
3.     Platelet donation
People between the age of 16 and 70 years, fit and healthy can donate blood and plasma. Blood group O negative is always needed for whole blood donations. These donors are known as ‘universal donors’. It is the only blood type which is given to everyone. It is known as a safe blood type. Every 12 weeks the donations can be made.

The blood types A, B, and AB donors are the ones much needed for plasma donations.

The people with blood type O and A donors are much needed for platelet donation.

If water is not taken as per instruction, then there may be short term health problems such as dizziness, fainting or sometimes vomiting. Plasma is the water content within a human body and in a typical donation session half a gallon of water is lost. Fatigue is also a common side effect. Regular donations are not harmful to the long-term health but it becomes a useful life-saving resource. Pre-menopausal women and people with lowered levels of antibodies in blood should not donate plasma as it makes them weak and tired after donation. The problem arises due to the lack of protein and hemoglobin content in the body.

One big benefit is that people can make some quick cash. In most of the places 30-40$ is paid for a visit. Added bonus would be a sort of satisfaction for "donating" a vital fluid that goes for some useful purpose like a life-threatening medical need.

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