Friday, April 2, 2010

Easy money making techniques

Money making might be far more easier if a person follows one of these:

Either Chinese ‘Feng shui’ or the Hindu vedic mantras:

If you stick to the Chinese style, then first clear out all clutter and dirt from the house or office. Re-start all those stopped wall clocks. Remove dead or withering plants from the place. ‘Chi’, is the positive energy flow according to Chinese Feng shui method.

To attract positive financial energy into one’s life following steps has to be followed:

a) First find out the south eastern direction of the house.
b) Put some Chinese prosperity coins with square holes at the south east corner of the house. Because, according to Feng shui, the south east corner is the direction of prosperity. It’s best to place metal in this direction of the house.
c) Place a money Buddha in a place where it is easily visible to everyone. Most of the time, near the entrance of the house or in the hall. Money Buddha is the Buddha idol that is holding a money bag.
d)Hanging the pictures of flowers or placing fresh flowers in the vase can bring in more prosperity and positive energy.
e)Brightening up the dark places using mirrors all over the house. Reflecting light will bring in more brightness as well as prosperity. So, hang or place mirrors in almost all places.
f)Penny can be placed beneath the front door mat to welcome more wealth.
g)Painting walls with green and red increases prosperity. South eastern corner with green. As red is a strong color to bring in more prosperity used for pillow covers and covering almost all furnitures at home.
h)As water attracts more wealth, placing a fountain facing the house, at the front entrance is good and brings in more wealth.
i)Placing plants in many places of home is good, especially in the bathroom where water flow is outwards.

Money Buddha


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